Is Tech Support An Oxymoron?

Posted by jplesset on January 10, 2014 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

I do Technical Support — yes, capital letters. Not an oxymoron!   I’ve worked on individual user’s systems, answered questions about why their computer isn’t working right. But the thing that really gets me excited is the “stuff” that everyone depends on: individuals, businesses, and governments. Like E-mail.

I get interesting calls, like the one a few years ago, “This is the phone company in Puerto Rico.  Our e-mail server is down.  Nobody in Puerto Rico can get e-mail…”

Yes, I took care of that issue, once I could calm the system administrator down a little, and get the information from him so I could discover what the real problem was. It took a couple of minutes to fix the problem, and everything started working like it should have.

Helping others who don’t understand technology is what I do, who I am, and why I love doing Tech Support.


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