What do I do with this?

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Scenario:  Customer has a case open with me about a feature he wants added to the product. He’s really adamant that the feature needs to be there.

Today, he adds three files to the case, but with no explanation of why these files are important to the case. I guess I need to read his mind.  Sorry….

“You didn’t give me a satisfactory answer”

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I also participate in “fixya”, attempting to answer people’s questions. Had one a few days ago that really ticked me off. The original question, “The other side of my CDs don’t play.”  That’s it.

When I answered, “Turning a CD over doesn’t work, there’s only one side.” got me a tirade about not answering the question. Turns out, “the other side” meant a two-cd player, and player “b” isn’t working.  Sheesh, if you don’t give enough detail in the question, how can you expect an accurate answer.

Are you really clueless?

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I’ve been trying to help answer questions on http://fixya.com but.. .

Much of the time, the questions are so incomprehensible that I have no idea what the question really is, like this:

Could you please tell me where i could obtain a user manual for

No, that’s all.  It’s in “cell phones”, but that’s the entire question…

Or, this one:

I got this box from a chines site but only says f5s on box

That’s in the vending machines section.  So, ok, what did you expect?

How about this one, in the laptop section:

Need case removal instructions. Need to repair screen.

Might get more answers if you include the product and model.  Or, I could say, “remove screws until the case falls open”?

And, those are the ones I could read.  Some of the entries look like the person neverheardofthespacebar.

Iris Garden

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Yes, I’m still into photography.  We visited the Scheiner’s Iris Nursery/Garden this week, and I took many pictures.  Here are a few…

I’m not sure how many of these we’ll try to grow…  They’re inspiring!