Is It Fixed Yet?

Posted by jplesset on January 20, 2014 under Real Stories of Support | Be the First to Comment

One of my first experiences in the real world of corporate Tech Support was the day our Novell server stopped working. As the only “hardware savvy” guy there, it was my task to fix it.

The server was basically¬† just a PC, with a big hard disk, so I felt comfortable opening the box up and seeing what was in it. Pretty soon, I had the thing spread around me on the floor in the “server room”, trying to see which part had gone bad.

About every 15 minutes or so, somebody would come into the room and ask, “Is it fixed yet?”.¬† Shortly, I started responding, “Do you see it all over the floor?¬† If so, then, no, it’s not fixed yet.” I wanted to say, “You idiot, when it’s fixed, I won’t be sitting on the floor here, with parts all around me; I’ll be back at my desk doing something productive. Every time you interrupt me, it takes that much longer for me to get it working…”

Yes, I did get it fixed and back together, and it worked for years after that company went out of business.

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