About Me

Hello, everybody.  I’m Jay Plesset.   I love helping people and working with technology — any kind of technology, actually.

I’m into computer stuff: Unix, Solaris, Linux, PCs, servers. My technology interests also include music systems, photography and  LED lighting. Here’s a picture of the dimmable LED lighting that I built for our new home over six years ago, when LED lighting was in its infancy. We light the main hallway, kitchen, and dining room using a maximum of 150 watts at full brightness.


My wife, Diane, and I have more computers than several families, and they’re all in regular use.  Diane has two desktop systems, a laptop, and a tablet.  I have 4 working desktop systems in my office, 2 old laptops, and enough spare parts to build several PCs. We also have a spare server in the mechanical room,  two PCs that we use to podcast our internet program, and a computer that runs the whole-house audio from our dining room. I’m in the process of writing a blog about the stereo upgrades — “stay tuned”.

Last month, I replaced all the lighting in the living room with new LED strips and lamps. As soon as we get an opportunity to take photographs, I’ll write more about what we did, what we used, and how much we saved/will save on the new lighting.