I need an answer today.

Posted by jplesset on January 29, 2019 under Real Stories of Support | Be the First to Comment

More tales of Tech Support…

Why is it that customers are always in a big hurry to get a solution, but not in a hurry to provide the information needed to get that solution? Specific cases include:

  1. Filed as a sev-1 24×7 case. Questions asked by Support Engineer include simple questions like, “is this a new install, or is the problem something that just started?”. Now, days later, their response is, “can you please give us a fix”, but we have no information to go on.
  2. Filed as a sev-1 24×7 case. Included several logs, mostly from last year. No idea when the issue occurred, but assume this week. Look for indications in the logs, but no current logs…. 30,000 lines of logs to look at.

Yep, situation normal….

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